It was that time
my husband's medicine had gotten into my body
and I was working overtime 
to prove myself to myself

In proofs its the deductive argument
that, that is self evident
the accepted rules of inference
not prevailing judgement

We all met at a B&B on the West End
for snacks and drinks
there was water, and wine
and pizza and fruit

thanks to an allergy, I chose the fruit
that sensitive immune system reaction 
to certain substances
digestion problems, hives, and claustrophobic airways

A whole platter of fruit cannot satisfy
the burning hunger of a runner at the end of the day
the wine went right to my head, hence 
the disparaging remark incensing a kindly and learned friend

A calorie is a unit of energy, heat 
with a lower case c it works on an eye dropper of water
running an aerobic exercise, meaning with oxygen
dehydration can occur purely through the act of breathing

And so out of breath and sweating 
I woke up the next morning and I felt the tears in my heart
Why did I have to say that Einstein's shoes weren't always tied?
I left the house at 5:55am without eating breakfast.



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