Like a Gravy Sandwich

Smooth Like a Gravy Sandwich 
like easy 

when is eatin' gravy on one piece of white bread
open faced 
cause there is not enough 
bread for everyone 
to have two pieces
like easy

And smooth, oh yeah- mmm. mmm. 
like that man 
he was a delight- all good lookin' with those eyes 
that followed
cause all he did was sit
sit while you worked
you cired
he was still sittin'
when you told him 

Smooth like sailin'
like a boat 
a boat without a motor 
you have to have an education to drive it.
that smooth 
like sooo smooth 
that everybody does it 
they wear nice clothes 
special gloves so the ropes don't burn
their soft hands
When you go sailin' bring your gloves.

like a babies bottom, but 
I would have written cheek
or hand or tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny
or breath
cause that makes more sense
and makes me smile wider
which feels smoother.

So smooth 
so so so so so 
I'm gonna say
I prefer the rough. the bark, 
the bite, the truth
the fight.